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Ivan Arandia 

25 FEB, 12 MAY


Ivan is one of London's best known tango teachers, and is the organizer of Negracha Tango Club. This popular milonga, which has been a mainstay of the London Tango scene for many years, is held on Friday nights at City Academy Studio, Farringdon, London. Ivan also holds a Wednesday night class and milonga at the Kingston Workmen’s Club in Kingston upon Thames.


Ivan comes from a tradition of Argentine milongueros and is passionate about sharing his extensive knowledge and love for tango. His focus is on authentic improvised tango that can be danced socially, anywhere in the world.

Luis Rodriguez & Elizabeth Knock

10 MAR

Luis and Elizabeth bring to Pavadita their combined experience of more than 30 years of dancing and teaching Argentine Tango, through classes and performances which focus on improvised ‘Tango Salon’ - the Tango that has always been danced in the salons of Buenos Aires.  

Their emphasis is not on the steps or the choreography, but on learning thorough basic technique through which the learner’s own Tango can flourish. Their method of teaching focuses on the embrace, the walk – which is the basis for everything else - and the music - without which we wouldn’t be dancing.


Luis & Elizabeth

Letitia & Andrés

Letitia Simone & Andrés Sosa

31 MAR, 28 APR

Professional Dancers from Argentina and London with a combined experience of more than 25 Years giving seminars, workshops and exhibitions worldwide.

With Letitia being a professionally trained Contemporary dancer and Andrés's roots in Argentine Folklore, they have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and are accomplished and respected both in the Tango world and beyond.


14 APR

Giraldo is one of the UK's top Argentine Tango Dancers, who together with his partner Minaruns the popular Corrientes Social Club in Chalk Farm. Since establishing themselves in London in the late 90s, they have worked extensively as dancers and teachers, while also touring and performing in some of the best theatres across the country and internationally.

Performances include BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, the English National Opera’s production of Carmen, directed by The Tango Lesson’s Sally Potter, and Midnight Tango with Strictly stars Vincent and Flavia.

Giraldo believes that dance has the power to change lives. Sharing his knowledge is not only about passing on Tango legacies and traditions, but is also about witnessing people transforming from shy dance aficionados to confident, proud Tangueros, making every effort that he and Mina put into their Tango classes worthwhile.


Pablo & Florencia

Pablo Nievas & Florencia Fraschina

26 MAY

From an early age, Pablo learned to dance Tango, Waltz and Milonga with his family in Argentina. As was traditional, he first learned the follower’s role, which, as his grandfather explained, was essential in order to be able to guide a woman.  


As he grew up, tango became more and more important in his life and he took classes with different Golden Age milongueros, including Rodolfo and Maria Cieri, and Pepito Avellaneda, “The King of the Milonga”, whom he assisted in class. Over his 35 years of Tango experience, Pablo has taught classes all over the world and is recognised worldwide for his own teaching methods and practices.


We would also like to welcome to Pavadita Pablo’s partner, Florencia Fraschina. Like Pablo, Florencia’s first experience of Tango was from an early age, watching her grandparents dance. She went on to learn Tango in Buenos Aires, with renowned teachers Raúl Bravo and Rodolfo ‘Cacho’ Dinzel. She performed at many of the Tango shows in Buenos Aires with well known orchestras and singers. After establishing herself in Tango, Florencia developed her artistic skills, with her work being exhibited in Argentina and abroad.



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