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30 JUN

Giraldo is one of the UK's top Argentine Tango Dancers, who together with his partner Minaruns the popular Corrientes Social Club in Chalk Farm. Since establishing themselves in London in the late 90s, they have worked extensively as dancers and teachers, while also touring and performing in some of the best theatres across the country and internationally.

Performances include BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, the English National Opera’s production of Carmen, directed by The Tango Lesson’s Sally Potter, and Midnight Tango with Strictly stars Vincent and Flavia.

Giraldo believes that dance has the power to change lives. Sharing his knowledge is not only about passing on Tango legacies and traditions, but is also about witnessing people transforming from shy dance aficionados to confident, proud Tangueros, making every effort that he and Mina put into their Tango classes worthwhile.


Los Ocampo

14 JUL, 28 JUL, 25 AUG

Los Ocampo are Mónica Romero and Omar Ocampo, a partnership of over 39 years made up of performing, teaching and sharing Argentine Tango and Folklore around the world.

They began dancing at an early age, meeting when they were dancers in the Carlos Copes Tango Company in Buenos Aires and later becoming a stage couple and marrying in 1984. Their performances include shows with the famous Mariano Mores orchestra, Tango Pasión with the renowned Sexteto Mayor, and Tango Bravo.

Mónica and Omar are much sought after as coaches and have trained and choreographed for celebrities and professionals of Tango, as well as Latin & Ballroom and Folkloric. Their motto is “dancing around the world”, which they do with great verve and generosity, good humour and their approachable nature.

Los Ocampo


Letitia Simone & Andrés Sosa

11 AUG

Professional Dancers from Argentina and London with a combined experience of more than 25 Years giving seminars, workshops and exhibitions worldwide.

With Letitia being a professionally trained Contemporary dancer and Andrés's roots in Argentine Folklore, they have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and are accomplished and respected both in the Tango world and beyond.

Letitia & Andrés

Lucy Attwood & Mauro Mol

08 SEP

After moving from the UK to Buenos Aires, Lucy spent 11 years immersed in the culture of the local milongas, dancing, training and teaching Tango. She trained intensively with maestros famous for their focus on technique and brings this knowledge through to her classes, which are rooted in creating an authentic walk, embrace and connection, allowing each dancer to feel confident and fully enjoy the beautiful experience of dancing Tango.


Lucy has taught in Buenos Aires and in the UK at Tango Space and currently Truly Tango. Her performances include solo shows in milongas and theatres around Buenos Aires, and in milongas with Mauro Mol. Lucy regularly takes part in Tango Competitions including the World Championships in Argentina and more recently in London at the UK Tango Championships.


Mauro was born in the Province of Chubut, Argentina, and trained with some of the legends of Tango. He has been teaching for 10 years and has danced in milongas around the world including Buenos Aires, Chicago, New York and London.


Mauro’s style is based on the full attention of the couple, the body energy, the ground connection, and the musicality in Tango. He believes that there must be solid foundation, a connection with our partner and a connection to the ground, in order to have a comfortable embrace, and above all, to enjoy the learning process in a fun and friendly way.


Lucy & Mauro

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