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Hammersmith Controlled Parking Zones


This map shows the Controlled Parking Zones  (CPZ) for central Hammersmith.

CPZ A (Riverside)  

PAVADITA is located in CPZ A (Riverside). This is the area to the south of the A4 (Great West Road), roughly within the yellow triangle on this map.

Within this zone a PARKING FEE applies and parking is RESTRICTED to a maximum stay of 2 hours. No return is permitted within 2 hours


If you are staying for no more than 2 hours, you can pay to park in this zone. Please click here for more information. For FREE PARKING see below.

PARKING IS FREE on Sundays north of the A4 (Great West Road).

A pedestrian crossing connects Bridge Ave (1) on the north side of the A4 with Bridge View on the south side. Continue south, under the flyover.


Pavadita is in Rutland Grove (2), the next road on the right, just a few minutes walk away.

Hammersmith Bridge has now reopened for pedestrians and cyclists.

PARKING IS FREE on Sundays south of the river in Barnes, in the roads around Castelnau.

PEDESTRIAN WALKWAYS are located on both sides of the bridge. Currently there is a one way system in operation which requires you to use the walkway on the left side of the bridge in each direction. After crossing the bridge, Rutland Grove is the next road on the left.

Please note that although parking is free, Barnes is within the ULEZ zone.

South of the River

Hammersmith map

Hammersmith is in the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). For more information click here

Hammersmith flyover

For more information about Hammersmith Bridge closure click here

North of the River


Hammersmith Bridge
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